Fernandez 4



The Buenos Aires based band is lead by pianist and composer Cirilo Fernandez and features  Daniel “Pipi” Piazzolla  on drums, Mariano Sivori on bass Nicolas Sorin on keys and vocals, and Sebastian Lans on guitar. Fernandez 4’s music is a mix of jazz, soul pop, rock and electronica, played with an instrumentation , more likely to be associated to a jazz group.The idea of the band is to make essentially complex music sound accessible and reach a wider audience , beyond your usual jazz fans. They made two albums thus far:

No Fear” their debut album, which has been nominated for best jazz album at the Gardel awards 2015 in Argentina.

Mutetheir second album released in december 2016 , is awarded Jazz album of the year at the Gardel awards 2017

The band is invited to participate at various international venues like the Java Jazz fest in Indonesia, and the Cairo Jazz fest in Egypt. They tour Norway in 2013 as well as Argentina, visiting Corrientes, Rosario and Cordoba, the main city’s besides Buenos Aires, where the band played the BA Jazz Fest 2015. They headline the 2nd edition of the Vorterix Blackbird Jazz festival of Bahia Blanca.