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Cirilo Fernández,

Composer, Producer, Multi-instrumentalist.

Born in Bern, Switzerland , raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Berklee College of Music graduate, studies with Maria Schneider, Bob Brookmeyer and Alf Clausen.

As a student his music was already being performed at international festival in the US and Europe, recieving various awards and grants.

Founder and Leader of Fernandez 4 awarded ‘ Jazz Album of the Year’ at the 2017 Gardel Awards in Argentina. They release their 3rd album Retrovertigo featuring Emmanuel Horvilleur and Ca7riel

As a film composer he works with LC Barreto Productions in Brasil, scoring Marcelo Santiagos “A Mulher do meu Marido” as well as the Dawidson Brothers opera prima motion picture “The Roosters Blood’ (La sangre del gallo) available on Netflix.

As a producer he works with international artists Miguel Bose, Ana Torroja and Aylin Prandi

With rock band Octafonic, performs at the Luna Park opening for Faith no More


Gardel Nomination 21st Edition Producer of the year 2020, ‘Retrovertigo’ (AR)

Gardel Nomination 21st Edition Best Urban/Trap Colab 2020, feat Ca7riel ‘Moviedaze’ (AR)

Gardel Nomination 21st Edition Best Jazz Album 2020, ‘Retrovertigo’ (AR)

Gardel Award 19th Edition Best Jazz Album 2017, Fernandez 4 ‘Mute’ (AR)

Gardel Nomination 17th Edition  Best Jazz Album 2015, Fernandez 4 ‘No Fear’ (AR)

III Festival Internacional de cine de Calzada de Calatrava Best Score Nomination ‘Tanger Gool” (Spain)

British Horror Film Fest Best Music for “Decapoda Shock’ 2013 (London)

Escorto III Madrid Best Score “El Mal de Schneider” 2011 (Madrid)

Herb Pomeroy Award For outstanding arranging and composition skills (Boston)

Millican Endowed Scholarship For outstanding achievement in the area of orchestral composition incorporating American musical influences in the Gershwin tradition (Boston)

B.A.S. (Berkelee Achievement Scholarship 1998-2000) (Boston)